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Netflix reduces animation production and prioritizes movies over series –

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According to some reports from Toyokeizai Online, Netflix The internal rules of management are changed souls. Basically, the company stands Reduce the number of products Animation films are prioritizing films, which overshadows the series.

An executive from a Japanese animation production company said: “Not only has the number of ongoing projects decreased, but there are also cases where projects that were about to start suddenly stopped, so the impact was severe.”

“Many people involved in basic production Similar stories have been told and it is believed that Netflix will reduce the number of anime productions in Japan as early as 2022,” Toyokeizai Online reports.

“The timing of this change corresponds to the time when the number of subscribers began to decline,” Toyokeizai Online continues. “It is widely believed that the company is reducing its base production Cut costs“.


Given the popularity of anime these days, one might wonder why Netflix decided to punish them. According to a Toyokeizai Online report, the problem is related to the fact that anime fans are often big fans of the weekly releases, and the slow and lengthy posting generates free publicity and hype. However, Netflix publishes its products in large quantities, and this makes it easy to release a series, watch it, and forget it within a day.

Among the latest productions confirmed for Netflix, there is also an anime series by Onimusha.

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