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Iliad gives you a new smartphone | Crazy discounts also on iPhone 14

Iliad gives you a new smartphone |  Crazy discounts also on iPhone 14

With the new Iliad offer, you will also get a new smartphone and amazing discounts on iPhone 14 and 14 Plus: find out how to get them!

If we think of the best-in-class smartphones, we cannot help but think of the iPhones designed by Apple which have been in great demand by the world population for years now.
However, many people have always been blocked by the price which is sometimes considered excessive, however Thanks to the Iliad, this won’t be a problem anymore.

In fact, the Italian operator decided to expand the wide range of smartphone-related discounts by including crazy credits on the latest iPhone models.
signing a contract with The IliadIn fact, you can take it home, too Brand New Smartphone a Much lower price than usual.

As already happened a few days ago with Vodafone, Eliad has also decided to include a new smartphone in its promotion.
This time, customers will be able to choose from several high-end phones including Various iPhone 14 modelsthe latest version of Apple released to the global market.

All the details of The Iliad Shows: Here’s what you need to do

The show in question launched by Iliad is called United Bay And all customers who have signed up for a promotion with the operator are allowed to pay for a smartphone In 12 or 24 monthly installments.
In addition to Shorter installments than usual (usually this is 30 months), Iliad also has many performances Discounts on the final price from different smart phones.

To take advantage of discounts on iPhone 14 and other smartphones, you need to access the area reserved for Iliad Gate using your credentials.
You can access it from here Direct to the smartphone catalog To choose the one you like best, order it directly from home at an incredible discount.

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The Iliad gives you an iPhone

On the official Iliad website it is possible to buy a smartphone in monthly installments (12 or 24), but also by paying them in a single solution.
It must be specified that the discounts on the prices of the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, Pro and Pro Max are exclusive Only for those who pay for a smartphone in one solution Not by installments.

Crazy discounts on many iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and Pro Max devices

Iliad’s smartphone catalog contains a wide range of products, but they are available from April 18th Discounts of 50 and 100 euros also on iPhone 14 and 14 Plus.
Previously the discounts were only exclusive to the Pro and Pro Max models, but now the price reduction has been extended to earlier models as well.

The wide range of iPhones in the offers catalog on the Iliad website presents, as mentioned, all Apple smartphone models starting from the 11 up to the Pro Max.
For all iPhone 14 series, there are discounts on models from 128 GBAnd 256 GB And 512 GB; While for colors it is necessary to specify some exceptions.

The yellow color, which was only recently announced by Apple, is only available for three models: iPhone 14 128GB, iPhone 14 256GB, iPhone 14 Plus 128GB.
Coloring “galaxy” is not available for iPhone 14 Plus 256 GB.

iPhone 14

These are the detailed prices for all iPhone 14 smartphones in the Iliad catalog With a discount of 100 euros:

  • iPhone 14 with a capacity of 128 GB – 929 euros
  • iPhone 14256 GB – 1059 euros
  • iPhone 14 512 GB – 1319 euros
  • iPhone 14 Plus 128 GB – 1079 euros
  • iPhone 14 Plus 256 GB – 1209 euros
  • iPhone 14 Plus 512 GB – 1469 euros
  • iPhone 14 Pro 128GB – 1239 euros
  • iPhone 14 Pro 256GB – 1369 euros
  • iPhone 14 Pro 512GB – 1629 euros
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB – 1389 euros
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB – 1519 euros
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 512GB – 1779 euros
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