Home Economy We celebrate new gifts that will be taken quickly

We celebrate new gifts that will be taken quickly

We celebrate new gifts that will be taken quickly

In this period, we are constantly talking about bonuses but these two new bonuses designed for the Internet and technology are really not to be missed.

As we know, Italy is somewhat backward from the point of view technology Compared to the average of other EU countries.


We realized just that during lockdown It was difficult for families to study and work remotelyOr precisely because of an outdated and outdated technical supply.

Double reward for computer and internet

But unfortunately today families are in severe economic hardship and As a result, incurring these exorbitant costs of technology may become difficult for many.


In fact, the high cost of living and often very poor wages They force the Italians to postpone these expenses. But now a bonus of 300 euros to connect to the Internet and It can be up to 500 euros for a new computer Really makes a difference. A bonus of 300 euros is paid to all Italian families without Not even an ISEE request For better connection performance. In fact, the purpose of this reward is to ensure families Internet subscription of at least 30 Mbps to download for 24 months.

Here’s how to order it and why it’s convenient

The great thing about this reward is that he’s the number one manager Whoever asks for the discount will not be able to do any ban activities If the family then decides to change the manager. So a bonus of 300 euros can follow the family even on several managers. But the rewards for PC of 500 euros are also very important. In fact, with this bonus you can buy A new computer takes advantage of this really important help. In order to apply for the €500 bonus for PC, you must have an ISEE by 9000€ and you must be based in Puglia. In fact, it was the region of Puglia that paid a bonus of 500 euros. Just like the Apulia region itself, it is currently the first region to start with energy income. So those are certainly two types of rewards that can greatly enhance the technology endowment of families.


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