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"List of Secrets" Leaked by Antiquities Researcher

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A researcher with access to the world's largest collection of ancient manuscripts has revealed details of a document certain to alarm the public.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the researcher says the text repeats a brief list of items in a large number of languages, identifying as its authors a group of scholars who were well-traveled and highly educated and claimed to have invented human civilization according to a belief in the inability of people to live "well and good" without confusion and suffering being imposed on them at regular intervals.

Contradicting the idea people have today of ancient societies rising and falling as distinct and separate groups, the document clearly shows that the scholars, referring to themselves as the "Keepers of the Origin of Rosgotha", played a part in recording the activities of virtually all coastal groups worldwide, as well as those inland throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, and appear to have invented key languages and religions through a process of symbol encoding and character reorganization, as well as political, legal, and financial systems.

The researcher, who acknowledges fearing some form of retribution or even assassination for leaking the document, warns against taking the list as evidence of its own truth, yet says it clearly suggests an ancient awareness that populations could be manipulated by such simple devices as changes of clothing, footwear, and hats, small differences in skin and hair color, and planned displays of traditional-seeming behaviors such as dances, songs, religious rituals, and aggressive emotional temperament. Similarly, the rise-and-fall aspect appears to have been a disguise for relocation.

The list also holds up as reflective of known facts when compared to similar documents, in its descriptions of linguistic manipulation and religious invention being controlled by a single group, an idea that an increasing number of people are hoping religious followers and terrorist extremists alike will begin to accept as evidence that Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are merely fictional concoctions designed as human behavior control systems, rather than words sent directly to earth from some supernatural being on high. While each individual is both an instinctual and spiritual entity, and therefore should be free to express the thoughts and feelings of their mind and soul, experts suggest that all activities and beliefs based on group thinking and religious conformity not only hold the potential for corruption, they could simply not exist without a group or individual inventing them with the intention of manipulating others.

Hoping the list will open people's eyes to the ongoing activities of the Keepers' current members, under the many names of their brotherhood of secret societies, and referenced in numerous common documents well-known to expert and amateur historians alike, the antiquities researcher encourages people of all cultures and classes to review the evidence carefully and consider a return to a symbol-free, back-to-basics lifestyle, citing religious and political wars, technological developments which harm the earth and human health, and forms of entertainment which repeatedly glorify historic symbolism and geopolitical events, as the greatest crimes originating from the group's assumptive activities, and suggests these could be swiftly ended by "consumer non-participation. The fact that myself and others are risking our lives to bring this information to the public should be enough for people to be willing to overcome their own bruised ego or embarrassment at having fallen for an elaborate con, and let life be life, no longer victimized by a power-hungry ancient group who for some reason decided we should all be miserable and confused in order to get the most out of life."

The translated document can currently be read under the heading of "news" on the website "", the author of which was approached by the anonymous antiquities researcher after she made a plea for whistle blowers to come forward and reveal their evidence of the world's governments and religions being the "manipulative inventions of a family group of con-artists and criminals". While the list makes no reference to bloodline or family relations between members of the "Keepers of the Origin of Rosgotha", it certainly meets the definition of international criminal activity by a closely connected group.



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