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Many new faces to start over – OA Sport

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Objective: to restart. The Italian national football team has no choice because of what happened on that bitter evening in Palermo and the failure to qualify for the second time in a row for the World Cup. After the final stage of the World Championships in Russia in 2018, the European champions Azzurri will have to watch one in Qatar.

The result highlighted the main shortcomings of the Italian football movement in terms of quality and organisation. For this reason, getting out of this situation is not easy. With this in mind, the initiative was promoted by Roberto Mancini from 53 players called for training from May 24-26 who will participate in two groups.

In the specific case we are talking about 29 players from Serie A, 18 from Serie B, and 6 from foreign leagues. The most represented club is Genoa (6 elements), followed by Milan, Empoli and Cremonese (4). The youngest player in the squad is Udinese playmaker Simone Pafundi, born in 2006, while the most experienced is Empoli goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario (96), as reported by The Guardian. Fig.

Roberto Mancini: “We want more great players”

Immediately List of those who are called:

He called for the intervention of Italian patriots

The first group

Raul Bellanova (Cagliari)
Niccolo Campiaghi (Pordenone)
Marco Karensky (Cremones)
Nicolo Casal (Verona)
Giuseppe Caso (Cosenza)
Alessandro Cortinoves (Regina)
Sebastiano Esposito (Basel)
Denis Franchi (Paris Saint-Germain)
Matteo Gabbia (AC Milan)
Federico Gatti (Frosinone)
Matteo Lovato (Cagliari)
* Lorenzo Luca (Pisa)
Daniel Maldini (AC Milan)
Filippo Melegoni (Genoa)
Fabiano Baresi (Emboli)
* Giacomo Qualiata (Heracles Almelo)
Filippo Ranocchia (Vicenza)
Samuel Ritchie (Taurine)
Niccolo Rovilla (Genoa)
Eddie Anthony Salcedo (Spezia)
Ricardo Sutil (Fiorentina)
Destiny Iyenoma Udogie (Udinese)
Guglielmo Vicario (Empoli)
Emanuel Vignato (Bologna)
Kelvin Yeboah (Genoa)
Nader Zorti (Salerno)

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the second group

Tommaso Baldanzi (Ampoli)
Riccardo Calaviori (Genoa)
Andrea Cambiasso (Genoa)
Matteo Cancelleri (Verona)
Lorenzo Colombo (SPAL)
Diego Coppola (Verona)
Christian Dal Moura (Pordenone)
Sebastiano Deblanches (AC Milan)
Salvatore Esposito (SPAL)
Niccolo Fagioli (Cremones)
Gianluca Gaetano (Cremones)
Wilfried Gonto (Fosball Club Zurich)
Jean Freddy Pascal Greco (Vicenza)
Caleb O’Cole (Cremones)
Tommaso Mancini (Vicenza)
Tommaso Milanese (Alessandria)
Marco Nasti (AC Milan)
Gaetano Oristanio (Volendam)
Simon Pafundi (Udinese)
Pietro Pellegri (Turin)
Roberto Piccoli (Genoa)
Alessandro Blizzari (Lecce)
Matteo Ruggeri (Salerno)
Alessandro Sorrentino (Pescara)
Franco Tongia (Olympique Marseille)
Mattia Fetti (Empoli)
Alessandro Zanoli (Naples)

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