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Trudeau wants Speaker to ‘introspect’

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He calls it “freedom” but is a reporter investigating meddling in Canadian elections Named itself.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau A charge is in the eye of the storm Chinese intervention In the last federal election.
It is no secret that China viewed its conservative opponent Sheer as an enemy and therefore prioritized his victory.
Leader of Opposition Boiliv He calls A public inquiryBut Trudeau has something more complicated in mind.
An “independent” rapporteur personally selected by the Prime Minister must decide whether an action is needed or not.
For Trudeau, the reporter may recommend a formal investigation.
And – specific – We will appreciate their recommendation
In the meantime, it has announced that it will upgrade Anti-Fake News Task Force Stop any charges Wrong information Internal and external.
Trudeau didn’t object Corruption. Resist critical voices“, said the leader of the opposition.

Beijing’s dictatorship has supported Justin Trudeau for ten years.
They started by donating $200,000 to his foundation. They helped him in two consecutive elections.
He has been known for a decade. Are you saying you didn’t know Beijing donated $200,000 to the Trudeau Foundation?
You say he doesn’t know who they interfered with Two consecutive elections?
Of course he knows.
He was briefed several times and kept all the details secret. Then, when it was discovered, he had the former CEO of the same Trudeau Foundation that received money from China write a report about it.
Now he’s trying to cover it up with a new one Secret process He controls

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