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Inter, everything is going at its best, but in fragile football, enough wind …

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To explain the secret plots of games and tournaments, it is sometimes necessary to know the story. Let’s take for example Milan SpeziaA match with the fireworks final that kept our team a safe distance in the standings Cousins. At the final whistle, the net was filled with memes around her Thiago Mota, the champion of the Inter trilogy and today the coach of La Spezia. When the exes seem to be running for you too, you have to cherish them and thank your luck.

However, the explanation for the alliance between Inter and Spezia comes from further afield, namely from the ’48-49 championship when the Ligurian team played the play-off to save themselves against Parma at the Arena Civica in Milan. Both teams wore white shirts, and the Eagles wore the Nerazzurri uniform to distinguish themselves, loaned for the occasion by Giulio Capelli, a former coach at La Spezia and Inter at the time. Four to one for Spezia class and save! Here on a January evening, loan balance after seventy years of football, here is an unexpected evening in which it is wrong to make money.

The match in the Coppa Italia last night reminded us again, everything is running at its best beyond all expectations, but in football this fragile as the present of all of us, just a gust of wind, a false whistle or hunger. Cotron to put the uphill road. Attention and alert Sensei, we want to continue to amaze and amaze us as the frog turned Prince of San Siro in the ’90s.

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