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Online scientific information from ANSA also in English – Research and Institutions

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The first Italian newspaper to create a service dedicated to scientific information: ANSA now opens a scientific information page in English on its dedicated channel. The page appears in English on the homepage of the ANSA Science and Technology Channel, an international show of Italian research, as also noted by Giorgio Baresi, Nobel Prize winner in Physics and Vice-President of the Accademia dei Lincei.

“We learn with pleasure and satisfaction about the birth of the English-language Ansa Scienza page,” says Parisi. “It is a unique and very important opportunity for Italian science to inform, document and disseminate its activity directly to the general public with an international interest in science. This is possible thanks to the authority of the first Italian agency,” he added.

The editorial choice is to highlight our country’s scientific activity, from quantum technologies to biology and space, to its most innovative research institutes and companies, at a moment of significant changes linked to the unprecedented resources available to science, thanks to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr). The page in English is also an opportunity to talk about Italy’s commitment to major European programmes, such as the new Horizon Europe framework program, the Galileo satellite navigation constellation, the Copernicus Earth observation constellation, right down to the major projects in which our country is involved. It is preparing to play a pioneering role, such as the new telescope that will make it possible to listen to gravitational waves in the entire universe, the Einstein Telescope.

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