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Football: Faenza also falls to Civitella

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Bad stop for Faenza Who stumbles Civitella The second defeat in a row.

After a good first half and the lead scored by Lucarelli, Mr. Fizzoli's team played a boring second half, without being at all dangerous, conceding an equalizer scored by Ricci after a set-piece development and even eventually conceding when play resumed. The hosts were completed by Cucchi.

In the first quarter-hour almost nothing happened, except for two headers, one on each side, by Jonaj and Gabrielli, which sent the ball wide of the goal.

In the 15th minute, Faenza scored Lucarelli From the center of the area with his right foot, he puts the ball into the net with an accurate low shot that Tozio receives, who recovers well. 1-0

Manfreda's team dominates without problems, but does not shoot much towards the opponent's goal. Only at the end did Lucarelli try to counter-attack, surprising Vestrucci with a volley that ended wide of the goal.

At the end of the first half, Ricci stopped Frabattista Marucci going towards goal with a precise tackle, but he was injured and had to come off. Ironically, this will be Civitella's luck because Mattia Benigni, who took charge at the start of the second half, will bring liveliness to the game and anxiety to Manfreda's defence, coming into both goal movements.

It was Mattia Benigni himself who became dangerous in the eighth minute of the second half with a shot wide. Ten minutes later, Civitella equalized. Referee Zanoni awards a generous free kick to the midfield after Matteo Albonetti hits the opponent. Benigni personally takes charge of the serve and on the court Richie He stands out and anticipates everyone with a strike that gives Rovelli no chance. 1-1

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Faenza reacts angrily and enters the net after a corner kick, but the referee cancels it due to a foul on the Civitella defender.

It is the home team that comes close to taking the lead with their former player, the centre-forward BlatcheWho was sent deep after a defensive pass, burning the opponent and hitting the net before entering the penalty area, hitting the crossbar dramatically..

Faenza is unable to build effective plans except for a diagonal shot from Albonetti that Vestrucci saves well, while Civitella, encouraged by the crowd, steps forward and scores the goal one minute before the end of the first half. In midfield, Benigni bites his opponent, winning back the ball that arrives after a pass Stefano Cocchi Who, from the edge of the area, hits a diagonal shot that mocks Rovelli and proves the victory of the never tamed Civitella. 2-1

In the five minutes of stoppage time, Faenza failed to build anything. It is the first away setback in the tournament and attests to the precise moment for a Manfredi side who, in a nightmare start to the year, have squandered the lead on their pursuers, such as league leaders Samperana, who have also been beaten twice. On Sunday 21 January, Faenza will have to try to restart and break a dangerous negative trend by facing Fratta Terme at home, before an away cup match against Portuense.

Civitella – Faenza 2-1

Civitella: Vestrucci, S. Cucci, Gregory, Bergamaschi, Ricci, Baudrioli, Ricci Frabattista (1' St. Benigni), Fazzini, Blacchi (31' St. Leggio), Monti (41' St. Morigi), Gonaj (48' St. Biondini). . On the bench: Luzi, Piras, Samori, Ruggeri, A. Cocchi. All fit

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Faenza: Rovelli, Di Marco, Gemelli, Gabrieli, Bertone (19' Street Prati), M. Albonetti, Marucci, Tozio, Lucarelli, C. Benigni (31' Manaresi), Giordomi. On the bench: Fabbri, Cragg, Karoli, Albonetti, Zani, Emiliani, Pagnolini. All.Fizoli

to rule: Zanoni of Cesena; Assistants: Mancini and Latorre from Rimini

Networks: 15' Lucarelli Street, 18' Ricci Street, 44' S. Cocchi Street


Cards: Blacci, Gonaj, Baudrioli, Fazzini, Vestrucci, all of them. Fitozzi. Bertone, Marucci, Lucarelli.

Corners: 2-4

Recovery: 1'-5'

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