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Canada also chooses the F-35. Trudeau’s twist

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The Royal Canadian Air Force chooses the Ottawa F-35 to replace the CF-18 Hornets. Convincing Trudeau’s government to choose a fifth-generation fighter jet is the level of operational integration that will develop with the Allies fitted with Lightning II.

Canada has decided that the F-35 fighter is the best solution for its defense needs. This was announced by the Ministers of Public Services and Procurement. Philomina DassieAnd security, Anita Anand. The Canadian government plans to acquire 88 jets, a contract worth $ 19 billion (approximately US $ 15 billion) that could come up by the end of this year. Fifth-generation fighter jets are scheduled to launch in 2025 to replace the old fleet of CF-18s. The Ottawa decision represents a real turning point for the North American nation, because the Prime Minister’s government, Justin TrudeauLockheed Martin took office in 2015, promising to cancel the acquisition of the aircraft.

Ottawa Option

The F-35 was elected to the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) by the former Conservative-led cabinet of Stephen Harper. The victory of Trudeau’s Liberal Party ended the plan, with the new prime minister promising to abandon the takeover of the plane. But, now the same administrator has backed down. Criticism of the selection did not diminish, especially as the decision not to join the JSF program resulted in Ottawa facing additional costs for upgrading CF-18s.

Combined dynamics

In all likelihood, the war in Ukraine has intervened to push for a “turn”, which will lead all countries of the Atlantic Alliance to review their defense needs. According to Minister Anand: “From generation to generation Canada faces the greatest security threat. We must ensure that the Armed Forces have the necessary equipment to ensure the security of our country’s land, sea and air.” In particular, the choice will be favored by the growing high level of mobility with US and European allies and the synergy within NATO.

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Negotiations with Lockheed Martin

However, despite the announcement, the actual condition has not yet been met, and the Canadian government has reiterated that if negotiations with Lockheed Martin are not optimal, then issues such as pricing, supply guarantees and risk mitigation agreements will not work. SAAP, which ranks second in the Ottawa government’s analysis, may return to other suppliers in Canada first.

European F-35s

Canada’s accession marks another victory for the Joint Strike War Plan. With the participation of Germany, Finland and Switzerland in this project, the F-35 is positioning itself as the best-selling fighter aircraft, especially in Europe. Ottawa’s choice, among other things, follows Berlin. Even in Germany, in fact, the F-35 was initially halted in tenders for Luftwaffe aircraft. What convinced the Germans to choose the fifth generation aircraft was their ability to meet the requirements of NATO’s policy of “nuclear sharing”. The need for a dramatically reminded reminder of the Russian invasion is still necessary and current.

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