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Press Release: Global Women's Group Suggests Philippines' Duterte Self-Exile

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Mr. Duterte. You killed our boys and girls. You say they are just collateral damage. Why? Collateral damage is when you are defending an immediate lethal threat of magnitude and kill occupying civilians accidentally. You murdered our babies because you say you were tying to kill drug users. Media Release (05/22/2017) Toronto, ON - How does that help anyone? Why do you try to use our own government apparatus like police and military to hurt us? We trusted you. We voted for you. We cannot forgive you any longer because you refuse to change your lawless ways. And yiu murdered our children. We are humans and do not deserve to be mistreated in this manner. We want our babies back. That can't happen. So we want you gone. Get out of our country. Go!

The RINJ Foundation' Philippines members have spoken out about a series of thousands of extra judicial, killings in the Philippines under orders of The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. The Canada-based group suggests that the Philippines President could have been good for the Philippines because the women agree with many of the President's ideas, but the murder of thousands of innocent Filipinos is not one of them.

In a statement released on its website, the women say, "President Duterte could even have saved his presidency when we first told him to stop killing hundreds of ordinary Filipinos like Rowena Tiamson in the middle of last year. Now the deaths of people like Oman Manaoui are over ten thousand including the more than one thousand Duterte had murdered in Davao City while he was Mayor in the years before becoming president of our country in July 2016."

Duterte has been alleged to have ordered the murder of drug users by fellow Filipinos who are supporters of the authoritarian President. Duterte has also proclaimed the return of the death penalty; lowering the age of criminal responsibility to include 9-year-old Children and older; embrace as suppliers of weapons both Russia and China, the latter which has violated Philippines stake in the South China Seas, and West Philippines Sea (Benhan Rise); and break ties with Europe and America because of their criticism of Duterte's Extra Judicial Killing of thousands of Filipinos.

(Imagine Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making speeches on television telling Canadians that he is going to kill 3 million pot-smokers and amphetamine users but Canadians who have their own guns should do it themselves, kill anyone they know who uses drugs and he will provide impunity. That's exactly what Duterte has done.)

The Womens group statement says in bold letters, "Many of Duterte's murderers are confessing now to at least their wives or girl friends. Their minds are troubling them with the guilt of murder especially when they find out the next day the person they killed was an innocent cripple or a young girl who refused sex to a Barangay Captain. Guess what? That's us who hear the confessions. Maybe we can't be witnesses but we know what you are doing, Mr. Duterte and fellow felons. Many thousands of ordinary Filipino women are members and supporters of this global women's group."

Justice for Rowena

Image: The case of this first class human being, Rowena is like thousands of others - an innocent civilian gunned down in exactly the same manner as the others.

Duterte channeled the misogyny in the Philippines to build his support: imprison or demean the women opponents like the Vice President and Senator DeLima; and marginalize the overseas workers. He talks down to ever nanny and maid in the world seeking their approval with charismatic blather.

The statement concludes:

  1. Duterte has some good ideas but killing our children is not one of them. He must do the right thing and leave the country.
  2. The Government of the Philippines must Stop The Murders and start using the Rule of Law and fair justice.
  3. Duterte is nothing more than a despot picking on the poor, the weak and the ill. He should self-exile.
Fighting for the safety of women and children.

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