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Salary up to 1500 euros

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Below are the open positions in Poste Italiane, what salaries can be obtained and above all how to forward the application.

Recruitment of the Italian Post Office –

Read on to find out all the files open positions From Poste Italiane and how to get the job.

Positions are open at Poste Italiane

Poste Italiane company opened new positionswhich will be covered starting this fall season.

There are many numbers required by the company, for whom two types of contracts are offered, fixed-term and Indefinitely.

Italian Post Office Entrance
Poste مدخل Entrance

Of course, the number most demanded by one of the most important companies in our country is always the postman. The workers involved are eligible for 3-4 contract.

To fill this role It is enough to have a driver’s license Driving that allows you to get behind the wheel of one of the company’s available cars.

And then I still need to get a high school diploma. Good news for Italians who aspire to get a monthly salary of around 1,200 euros net without having previous experience.

However, there are other numbers for which the Italian Post Office has opened one Search. These are mail sorters, consultants, front-runners, counter operators, etc.

The last Italian postman
Italian Postal-

Here are some of the jobs that are currently open:

  • Front End Numbers: In order to be hired it is necessary to have an Italian-German bilingual license in Bolzano
  • Cyber ​​security training in Rome
  • Practical forensic training in Rome and Naples
  • Logistics engineers for SDA Express Courier in Landriano (PV) and Bologna, available for travel
  • Financial advisors with degrees in economics, finance, statistics, and related subjects
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The salaries that these numbers can aspire to go Come on 1200 EUR to 1500 EUR per month.

Here’s how to apply

If you meet all requirements for at least one of the positions, you can apply for the offer by accessing the Italian Post Office website and clicking on the “Work with us” section.

It will be there that you can filter out the different situations required as well based on the province. To apply, you must submit your resume and take an online test, which consists of a series of questions to use logical-mathematical reasoning. This will be done directly at home.

The company will contact all those who pass the test to face selection through a one-on-one interview.

After that, a practical test of driving a 125 cc car will be taken, in case you apply for the post of Postmen and Postal Drivers.

job interview
Job Interview-

Anyone who manages to overcome the previously mentioned steps will be contacted to sign their fixed-term contract and will be included in the team of the company concerned.

It’s definitely an opportunity Catch the fly. And you have the requirements mentioned and are you ready to apply and aspire to a permanent job at the Italian Post Office? Let us know what you think!

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