April 24, 2024

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Men and women, Giorgio Manetti is ready to come back for Isabella Ricci

Indiscretion from Nuovo TV Weekly.

After several long distances of exchanging pleasantries and invitations, Giorgio Manetti will be ready to return to the men and women to woo Isabella Ricover there. The magazine published the news new tv, which is titled “George is back on Channel Five’s programme.” tuscan seagulls, The former knight of the throne is finished and unforgettable love Gemma Galgani He repeatedly expressed a desire to meet her and invited her to dinner, considering her to be a particularly wonderful woman.

And according to what the magazine revealed to director Riccardo Signoriti this time, manity He intends to return to the dating show, although he has often stated that it is a context he no longer does it for. magnetism Richie Maybe I convinced him to try it and try to get to know her in studying the program in which he fell in love years ago Galgani.

Only in yesterday’s episode of men and women, The Richie She said she would be interested to meet the former Tuscan knight: “I would also go out with Giorgio Manetti. Then if it lasted for two or three months, no one would know. I would go to dinner at least once, and for three years I saw him on TV. I could also call him and tell him I wanted to see him” . Shared interest, therefore, fueled, over the past few weeks, by dedication and likes on social media.

The GalganiFor his part, he doesn’t seem to like George’s return Not to mention her acquaintance with Isabella: “She said she’d like to get to know him and be able to go out with him. Plus, the one who went out with me. She has a low appreciation for me. He shouldn’t go out with Giorgio. There’s a limit to everything now. He was with me and you can’t stand me, you Pinocia. You wouldn’t be Me, and you’ll never be able to!”, has announced Gemma For men’s and women’s magazine.

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