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WhatsApp: From today you can use it on multiple phones, here’s how

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Did you know that it is possible to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple phones? Here is a guide to do it easily

It’s no secret that WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion users. However, many people have found themselves in the situation of using the same WhatsApp account on two different phones.

Maybe you have a work phone and a personal phone, or you want to use WhatsApp on your tablet in addition to your smartphone. Whatever the reason, a few weeks ago there was a way to use one WhatsApp account on two phones.

How to connect two phones with the same WhatsApp

The first step is to make sure That both phones have WhatsApp installed. Once done, you will need to verify your account on the first phone using your phone number. Once the account is verified, you can switch to the second phone.

On the second phone, you will need to open WhatsApp and enter your phone number. Instead of verifying your account via text message or phone call, you will need to select the “Verify via SMS” option. in this way Verification code will be sent to the first phone, which you can then enter on the second phone to verify your account.

If instead of entering the number you can frame the QRcode, the procedure is simpler, just frame the code on the screen of the first phone with the second, but you will still need to ask for confirmation via SMS.

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Once the account is verified on the second phone, you can start using WhatsApp on both devices.

Note that an internet connection is required on both phones to send and receive messages. However, WhatsApp allows you to download messages for offline use, so you can view them even if you don’t have a connection.

some limits

It is important to note that using one WhatsApp account on two phones has some limitations. For example, you can receive messages and calls Only on one phone at a time. If you are on a call or conversation on one phone, you will not be able to receive messages or calls on the second phone. Also, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption only works on one device at a time, so if you’re using the same account on two phones, you’ll have to choose which one to use for encrypted conversations.

More pluses than minuses

All in all, using one WhatsApp account on two phones is a great way to stay in touch across multiple devices. Whether you have a business phone or a personal phone, or you want to use WhatsApp on your tablet, it’s a simple and easy solution. Just be aware of the limitations, and if you want to use end-to-end encryption, just pick one device.

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