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“Together for the future there is no place for populism. Welcome to Ciarambino and Cirillo”

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June 27, 2022 at 11:44 pm

“Italians are not interested in the debate about two mandates” that cause the M5S earthquake, on the contrary: “they struggle with bills” that “spots” I would say they do not care. This is how Minister Luigi Di Maio spoke to journalists. “I thank everyone who joins our project in the region. We should look forward and not to internal debates on political forces that the citizens don’t care about.” The final battle in M5S “Don’t worry me, I’m just saying that the IPF will continue to support the government, while skirmishes between other political forces are weakening the government and Italy’s position abroad.”

“In the elections, the political forces pay” from “the government’s pick, what happens is that the side effect” and the same “disappears or their power is greatly reduced. The results of these administrative offices are clear: whoever is rewarded supports the government, and I think this result is a lesson, it is A warning from the Italians: You cannot destabilize the government, but you must cheer Italy not to oppose it when the riders fight the battle for the ceiling on the price of gas.”

This is how Minister Luigi Di Maio, at the head of the Ipf groups, spoke with reporters. “Where do we take a side? What is certain is that Ipf does not take sides and does not give space to populism and extremism” and in “the next few weeks we will come up with a proposal for Italy that is not the usual ‘fallen off’ shopping list.”

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