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Good Omens 2, Aziraphale and Crowley are back in the exciting second season trailer

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A new apocalypse is in the air, thanks to the return of the lovable Angel and Devil on the small screen! Four years after the first season, Good omen It lands on Prime Video again With new episodes it will go beyond the original novel he co-wrote Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.

Released in Italy as Happy end of the world everyone!The book tells about a clash between the forces of good and evil. between heaven and hell Through two of their delegates: Aziraphale and Crowleyrespectively before Michael Sheen And David Tennant. In Season 1, we saw them work to stop the Apocalypse: they were supposed to facilitate it, but over thousands of years they have become too fond of certain human habits, so they form an alliance to take care of the Antichrist and thus avert the end of the world.

in the series finale Produced by Prime Video and BBC Two, not only in their plan but also to ensure that Heaven and Hell do not take revenge on them for denying them the long-awaited battle. By subterfuge, they make them believe that they have been transcended in some way, that they have overcome their status as angel and devil and that they are immune to holy water and hellfire. Thus, the two are free to live their lives and their friendship is forever and ever.

Or maybe not, because after the acronym has gone viral in recent days it’s now out, too Season two trailer And we find them grappling with a new problem: apparently, Archangel Gabriel He goes through a deep crisis and is presented naked in the Soho Library Managed by Aziraphale. His absence could lead to another war, and once again, it’s up to the odd couple to do everything to prevent things from deteriorating beyond repair.

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As mentioned, good omens 2 We will bypass the story of Neil Gaiman (showrunner) and Terry Pratchett, but we will still see the faces of the series: in addition to the two heroes already mentioned, Jon Hamm is back, Don McCaichan Like Archangel Gabriel H Gloria Obiano In Uriel places, but also New entry like Liz Carr like serakel, Colin Sepulveda As Morel E Shelly Con to Bridgerton as a figure from hell. We’ll see too Derek JacobyAnd Mark GatissAnd Steve Pemberton and even Ty TennantSon of David Tennant.

Good Omens 2 arrives on Prime Video on July 28, 2023.

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