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Unknown, who was Nathan Drake before Tom Holland?

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Uncharted is the first in the world. Reaching cinemas on February 17, in less than a week, the film based on the Naughty Dog video games topped the rankings. The choice of young Nathan Drake, despite initial skepticism, paid off. But who should have played the character before Tom Holland?

The options are different. The Three favorites from the audience At first they were Nathan Fillion, Brett Dalton and Henson Ackles. The former, better known as Whedon Firefly, definitely has the perfect attitude to play the mature and confident Nathan Drake. In fact, in his case, as with the other two castmates, fans launched petitions to get the three actors to get Sony’s attention. Fillion and Dalton also openly joined in the online campaigns, while Ackles was uninterested in his conversations about other projects.

to The closest were Mark Wahlberg and Chris Pratt. The first actually became Sully in the 2022 movie, but he should have played Drake in the adaptation he was working on in 2010. In fact, the actor had already accepted the role, and it could have been directed by Ursell. However, time passed and production was interrupted, so Wahlberg decided to leave the project. Later, Uncharted is back in action, but Drake is rejuvenated: this is where it is decided to bring back Wahlberg, but this time as Sully.

Chris Pratt, on the other hand, was recommended by Nolan North. According to North, in fact, the actor had the right face for the role. and fact It seems that he was also offered, but the actor turned him down due to obligations. Would you like to see Pratt in Holland Place? Let us know in the comments.

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