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The leak document of unannounced PS5 and PC games has appeared on the net –

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Gematsu recently stated that PlayStation Document contain a List of PS5 and PC games It has yet to be announced in circulation, and now, through ResetEra, a document appears that appears to match that description.

As you can see in this titlea file has been shared that includes a series of products, starting with “horizon 2″, or Forbidden West, but also unnamed DLC and PS5 remaster of Chapter 1. We also mention the PC version of Horizon 2, which does not have a studio dedicated to the document. The list also includes the online game, which will be in development for both PS5 And for PC, also in Guerrilla Games Finally, there is already the well-known “Horizon VR” or Call of the Mountain in development in Firesprite.

Then we mention Sumo Digital’s Sackboy A Great Adventure for PC, which has already been confirmed, as well as games known as Destruction All Stars for PS5, “Rise of the Ronin” for PS5. Finally, in the list of known, there is also Returnal but in the PC version, at the moment it is not confirmed but for some time Chat.

The real news And there are others, such as “Heartbreak” by Firesprite, “Carbon” by Sumo Digital, Redstar from Lucid Games, Ocean by Kojima Production, Bates by Ballistic Moon, and Camden from London Studio.

death strand

These are symbolic names that do not allow us to understand in detail what we are talking about. If we are allowed to speculate, we can assume that Firesprite Heartbreak It is the horror game that the team has been talking about for a long time, which has been looking for developers for a “horror adventure” as we have already indicated.

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Ocean made by Kojima Instead, it appears to be Death Stranding 2. The codename actually appeared on the Internet a few days ago, always through Dusk Golem.

red star Alternatively, it could be a remake of Twisted Metal: Lucid Games rated as a combat driving game and for some time there has been talk about the fact that Twisted Metal is in development by this team.

Bates from the Ballistic Moon Instead, it could be a PS5 exclusive to be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The team was formed by Supermassive Games (Authors Until Dawn). However, we don’t know what it is, except that it is made in Unreal Engine 5.

Camden It should be the internet-focused PS5 game that has already appeared in the company’s job advertisements. carbonAlternatively, it could be the new online PvP shooter that was talked about a year ago through a job posting, however, there was no confirmation of PlayStation exclusives.

As you can see, even if only in an approximate way, it is possible to trace every project that appeared in the alleged PlayStation document. This is not in favor of the entire file, however, as it might be Skillfully created Mix up all known entries and job postings. We will have to wait for certain sources to confirm or deny what is in the document.

Tom Henderson, though unable to confirm this himself, says that this is the document seen by some US newspapers that then confirmed the Horizon Zero Dawn Remake/remaster information through other sources.

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