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The Wish: 23 Easter eggs and references to previous Disney films

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I hope for Easter eggs and Disney references

he wishes from Disney It’s a love letter to 100 years of the production company’s famous animated classics, in fact, we find it inside Easter eggs And references of any kind for such works. Conspiracy he wishes, Instead, it follows the 17-year-old AshaWho discovers that the king great He’s not as refined as he wants to seem. After learning that the wishes Magnifico takes from Rosas’ subjects will not be granted, Asha joins a star And his goat, Valentino, will thus try to fulfill people’s desires. In many ways, the dynamic between Asha and Magnifico represents a return to the structure of classic Disney animated films, but that’s not the only way he wishes Pays tribute to the past Disney.

23Introduction to classic Disney stories

he wishes

Easter eggs he wishes It starts early in the film’s prologue, which harkens back to other classic Disney films. The beginning is actually framed through the use of short stories that provide background information to the viewer who will be watching the film in a few minutes. Using short stories as a setting is a tactic used by many early Disney classics, e.g Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Cinderella And sleeping beauty. This method is the first indication of the truth of this he wishes It is a love letter to the Disney classics.

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