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Press Release | Pets and Animals

Press Release: Helping Homeless Dogs in the Economic Slow Down

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Pets and Animals Press Release - The sluggish economy of the past year has had an enormous impact on dogs and the organizations that re-home them.

Not only are donations down-often the only source of funding for dog rescues and shelters-but most canine rescues are seeing a marked increase in the number of dogs they are being asked to help. Much of this is due to pet owners simply no longer being able to afford their pets. Anything from costly vet bills to the weekly output of funds for food can have enough of an effect on a family budget to force the owners to relinquish their dogs to rescues and humane societies.

Animal shelters are looking for any fundraising advantage they can find.

DNA My Dog has helped raise over $37,000 for canine rescues and shelters across North America through their North American Shelter Program. DNA My Dog provides qualified shelters with free Canine DNA testing kits that they sell to their supporters and community. The shelters keep the money from the sale of the kit to assist in their rescue efforts. It is the purchaser's responsibility to remit the lab fee when they send in their dog's DNA sample.

DNA My Dog has been testing Canine DNA in Canada since September, 2008. This easy and painless at home cheek swab test will report back every breed in a dog's heritage with 99.9997% accuracy. It uses the dog's own DNA and matches it against a database of dog breeds to report the exact DNA breed matches.The test is a big hit with curious dog owners and is very popular at shelters that adopt mixed breed dogs.

Of course for those who can afford a dog, now is an excellent time to adopt, with thousands of wonderful dogs looking for their forever home. And in some cases a dog adopted means an opening for another dog, where one may have not existed.

DNA My Dog supports Canine Rescue across North America with our Shelter Program.

DNA My Dog



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Author: Anne Dube
Jun 10, 2011
interested in learning about your fundraising regarding DNA tests. Please let us know the benefits to our rescue in selling these tests. Wehad Rosie from Rosie Animal Adoption tested.

Thank you,

Anne Dube

Author: Virginia McKinnon
Sep 10, 2014
Animal Shelter Fundraiser
Looking for much needed funds for our Humane Society. Need funding in area of emergency vet care and medications. Thank you in advance for any help.

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