Home Top News Leonardo confirms US defense option for 26 TH 73A helicopters

Leonardo confirms US defense option for 26 TH 73A helicopters

Leonardo confirms US defense option for 26 TH 73A helicopters

After Austria and Canada and the US, Leonardo is gearing up to end the year on a high note in the stock market as well. On December 24, the announcement by the US Department of Defense was welcomed by the Italian Defense Council. project To realize New advanced training system An option has been exercised for the production and delivery of a fourth batch of 26 TH-73A helicopters worth $110.5 million to the US Navy, which AgustaWestland Philadelphia is responsible for.

The helicopters will be completed by December 2024

The helicopters will be built in Philadelphia and completed by December 2024. Leonardo, AugustWestland via PhiladelphiaAn initial contract worth 176 million was awarded in January 2020 for the production and supply of 32 TH-73A helicopters, along with spare parts, support and specialized equipment, and training services for pilots and maintenance technicians.

In November 2020, options were exercised for an additional 36 helicopters worth 171 million. Later, in December 2021, another 36 units were confirmed to be purchased at a cost of 159.4 million. The helicopters are built at Leonardo’s Philadelphia facility and are used to train the next generation of US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard pilots. In September of this year, the first twelve students began training on the TH-73A, designated “Thrasher” by the US Navy. In November, the first of these students completed their first solo flights.

Caption Leonardo is one of the best executors of Ftse Mib’s 40 elements

Contracts followed by an agreement with Austrian Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces for 690 million euros. So, a very favorable end of the year for Leonardo, who will be on the stock market from the beginning of 2022 + 27% gained, was one of the top performers among Ftse Mib’s 40 members (-13%). The icing on the cake is Japan’s announcement that it will increase defense spending by more than a quarter next year, including $1.6 billion in procurement. Tomahawk cruise missiles Made in USA. Tokyo has earmarked 102 billion yen next year for a joint jet fighter development program with Britain and Italy, announced this month, which aims to have an advanced aircraft operational by 2035. On Leonardo shares, 1 is neutral, 1 has an average target price of €11.96. (All rights reserved)


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