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The Northman, fans are staying with Robert Eggers after his failed statement

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It’s a tragic fact of life that rave reviews don’t always translate into big bucks, especially if the project in question is considered more difficult to sell to the general public. This was the case with Northman From Robert EggersThe saga of revenge against the Vikings banned from the palace, unfortunately turned out to be a failure.

Yesterday, the director himself tried to explain a file Reasons for the failure of The Northmanby analyzing the current market e Not without legal responsibility for one’s strategies commercial. Eggers actually wrote:

I need to reformulate my strategies as to what is best for a study proposal. For example, how can I be myself and live in this environment? Because even if they didn’t want me anyway, I wouldn’t want to make a Marvel movie, and I wouldn’t even try to get the rights to Spawn or anything like that. I will keep doing what I know how to do. But I know everyone is nervous now, right? They are all nervous. It gets hard like this“.

However, after these words, the audience stood by him and showed all their support for one of the most talented directors of his generation. One fan wrote on Twitter: “This bothers me because the movie was penalized in terms of release and marketing, and now he has to make those decisions. The I just hope he makes more movies like this in the future, because The Northman was amazing“.

Another praised the film:I really liked that “The Northman” sounded like a movie really inspired by Norse literature, rather than another case of someone saying “I want to make a Viking movie” and then taking random items from epic stories to piece together something.“.

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In short, if Northman It was a flop, and certainly did not disappoint Eggers fans who are hoping to see the director’s new film soon; maybe it will be New edition of Nosferatu Rumored for some time.

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