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From Canada to Termini Emeris, the emblem of emigrant devotion arrives at Duomo – BlogSicilia

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He did not give up his devotion to the Immaculate Conception of Termini Emeris in his lifetime. After his death at the age of 102, those monuments, which he had so dearly cared for, now return to Termini Imeris from the remote Canadian city of Toronto. This is the moving story of Giuseppe Balsamo, Born October 10, 1919 and died February 5, 2021 in Toronto.

Brother’s dress

The story told by Giornale de Cecilia is similar to how many immigrants brought not only the memory of their homeland but also their religious devotion. That immaculate Madonna of Paulsano was so strong. These days, Mrs. Guidana Castro is being brought to the parish priest Church of Termini Imeris A cousin who lived in Toronto and died a few months ago, Mr. Balsano’s dress.

Ten years of devotion to Madonna

At the moment of his death, the person expressed a wish: to return to the city where he had given birth, as a sign of belonging to the brotherhood of his devotion. So, the dress was returned to the city of Palermo and placed in the Cathedral of Termini, with the image of Madonna sewn on an oval leather disc.

Columbus House in Toronto

A century of devotion to Termini’s impeccable concept that attracts countless Sicilians who migrate to the city each year from around the world. Devotees gather in Toronto, Gaza Colombo, and in the procession of the Immaculate Virgin, the faithful copy of the Terminus. “We are delighted to receive the gift from overseas,” said Matteo Gallardi, head of Confederation of Termini Emeris. We admire the documentary little dress of the Christian life. We thank the family, brother and brotherhood of Toronto.

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