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Machine. Between science, religion and overpopulation

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The world is overpopulated. Constant population growth and a constant increase in the resources used are leading our planet, our home, toward an unstoppable deficit that not only seems impossible to stop, but is getting worse from year to year. The environmental transition that many economies have decided to follow is of little use: so slow and so ineffective that it fails to bring about the necessary and hoped-for changes.

The result of all this is increasingly reckless, violent weather phenomena that reach areas that were avoided until a few decades ago. Rising water levels and an increasingly urbanized ecosystem resulting from evil and uncontrolled economic and political choices are a clear warning of the feverish state the third planet of the solar system is in.

God – Black Ball uses this dramatic situation as a plot starter. The world’s population has exceeded twenty billion despite the fact that a large part of the planet’s surface is uninhabitable. Suddenly a mysterious black sphere is discovered in orbit around Mars: to discover its origin and purpose, the Achilles spaceship is sent to check its nature. The most surprising thing is that from this field a message is sent bearing the term deity, giving life to a mystery that sees science on the one hand, religion on the other, rationalism on the one hand and fanaticism on the other. It evolves into a climax with a twist, heralded by small clues, which perfectly reverses the situation.

Steve Stone is directing the British film. The absolute protagonist of the story is Claudia Black (Stargate, Farscape, Pitch Black) alongside David O’Hara (Doomsday, Tristan and Isolt, Cowboys & Aliens) appears. In Deus – The Black Sphere, the plot makes interesting reversal signals as science fiction once again becomes a side dish for tackling current and sensitive issues, just as it already did with Rubikon, also distributed by Blue Swan Entertainment.

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Title: Deity – black ball

distributor: Blue Swan Entertainment


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