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A list of 10 must-watch and review horror movies, never taken for granted to experience the thrill of these great cinematic masterpieces.

Scary Movies to Watch and Rewatch for Thrillers (Canva)

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there Halloween night It’s definitely the perfect night to enjoy a horror movie with popcorn, chips and fear and pity running down your spine. For fans of themed movies, it’s Halloween all year round and for sure on the occasion or not, there are some movies to definitively review!

This list of ten must-see horror films is just a taste of the great cult films to watch from top producers and actors who have marked the history of cinema. Below, we find out best horror movies Definitely a must see.

10 Horror Movies You Should Ever Watch, Halloween or Not! Get ready for a nightmare night..

Horror film
Chucky, Annabelle, The Nun and many more for an exciting night! (canvas)

One of the best horror movies that we can’t help but mention climbing Photographed by Jack Nicholson. Full of pathos, he is able to capture the scenes and take them with him in an attractive and exciting plot! Immediately, Scream In its original and funny version, only to catch a smile between one thrill and the next.

hocus pocus, The story of the three witches who chase the young and for the sake of the young? Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmasvoiced by Renato Zero, and Cocowhere Michele Braffy provides voice over for the final theme and a song Remember Me, for a proper interpretation of seeing minors.

Other masterpieces for a dark but lighter and less disturbing atmosphere, a mystery Sleepy Hollow and Dark Shadows With Johnny Depp. Finally, we cannot help but remember, who has the courage, the exorcist. For those who want a sleepless night: The Nun, Chucky and Annabelle.

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