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Actors admit they are confused about the movie and their characters –

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Some did an interview with EW actors From Resurrection Matrix They claimed to have had moments of confusionThey have to deal with their characters and the plot of the film. Moreover, they said that trying to get an explanation from co-writer Lana Wachowski often only causes new problems.

“They were so many words and so much of my work was in front of them all and I was spitting words and they were just pretending to listen,” he said. Priyanka Chopra to E.W. Chopra explains that during one of the scenes she was asked to talk about her character, Sati, and then decided to ask Lana Wachowski. However, the woman “spoke for about 20 minutes and I had no idea what she said. I had no idea. I was more confused than before.” However, Chopra explains that the co-writer was very clear and brief on the set.

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix Resurrection

the actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who plays the remake of Morpheus in the movie, added, “It’s funny that you pointed out that he was able to clarify because sometimes I’d talk with a question and then we would talk for ten minutes and eventually I would turn around and think ‘Wow, I wish I hadn’t gone and asked her that question’. Because now I’m more confused than before.”

at the end, Jessica Henwick, who plays new hacker Bugs, said, “I remember twice trying to frame her for talking about Bugs, and then she gave up very quickly and said to myself, ‘Every time I ask him, he talks about life instead. “.” Henwick also stresses that on set, Wachoski was very thorough, but other than that it was not possible to get clear answers about the movie and the characters.

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