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Ashfall is the new game from the creator of Days Gone, with NFT and Blockchain –

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John Garvin Creative Director of Days Goneand Michael Mombauer, another prominent former developer of PlayStation, have announced the first game from their new team Lithos: it’s titled Ashfall It appears to be a shooter of sorts of sorts set in a post-apocalyptic world, but it also stands out that it should contain NFT and Links to Blockchain.

Coming to PCs and consoles, Ashfall is located in the Pacific Northwest, hundreds of years ago futureGlobal warming has led to massive flooding, as well as massive volcanic activity and the spread of fires.

Ashfall, illustration

All this also led to the emergence of so-called “trackers”, or pockets of dark energy capable of destroying entire cities. Civilization has collapsed into small groups struggling to survive.

Ashfall contains the elements PvP and PvE It has also been set up to provide “transmedia” links, indicating a large project. Garvin said the goal is to “create a truly next-generation open world experience that captures players with new technologies and also allows for user-generated content.”

However, something else that catches the eye is the fact that it is connected to the Hedera network that uses HBAR, a new network Cryptocurrency It is considered energy efficient.

Ashfall, another example of a game
Ashfall, another illustration from the game

Mombauer tried to explain the question figuratively: “I see block chains like railways, and their stations are video games,” said the former PlayStation. “The trains transport valuable payloads (NFTs) for players through other stations. It’s a way to have deeper and more empowering experiences than before.”

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