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Which is the most expensive of all, you can buy a villa for us

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There is a record-breaking wine that costs a lot and was recently bought by a collector at excellent prices.

the vintage It is certainly a very popular drink in many parts of the world, and recently, someone bought a really precious bottle for a record price.

export and finitaly

According to what was stated Observatory of the Italian Wine FederationIt seems thatItalian export It is witnessing a good increase compared to the past few years.

Vinitaly (Facebook) –

In this case, as reliable sources tell us, the Lombardy It works fine as far as I am international marketstotal, just last year, more 300 million euros.

Attilio Fontanapresident of the Lombardy region, that in the last harvest, despite having to face a severe meteorological situation, most of 2022 vintage bottles It will be marked DOCG, DOC or IGT.

In the Beautiful country They are active Many wineriesthanks to the climate and soils of some regions, both northern and southern, which are particularly favorable for viticulture.

Recently, moreover, for all wine lovers, it was held in Verona, from 2 to April 5ththe famous annual event Finitalyas well as the 55 version, which again met with great success.

The show that features it the most 100 thousand square meters And well Seventeen suiteshosted approx Four thousand Italian wineries.

Moreover, on this occasion, it is also traditionally rated by 5 star wineand this year I prefer white wine was, in fact, Greco di Tufo DOCG 2022produced by Ion lands.

Wine records sold at an excellent price

In any case, unlike the best wines, when we go to the supermarket we find ourselves faced with a great variety and more often than not, if we are not connoisseurs, we risk choosing a bottle of low quality.

The most expensive wine on record

A glass of red wine (Pexels) –

Prices are different and, perhaps, nowadays it is rather difficult for a family unit to decide to buy More expensive wine.

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Often, you could bet on one A bottle is about 4 or 5 eurosTo the maximum extent.

Even if some Mosque He could really have the audacity to spend a real fortune on such a product.

This is what happened during a recent auction where a A bottle of French red.

The wine, which dates back to 1945, has been priced for more than that half a million euros.

around Romanée-Conti Grand Cruproduced after harvest World War II It belonged to a vineyard that was soon explored.

Moreover, me The owners of these vineyards They were decidedly brilliant and to come from French bourgeoisie.

The most expensive wine on record

Romanée-Conti (Facebook) –

There were two big names that fought on the ground Madame de PompadourMistress of King Louis XV h Louis François I de Bourbon-Conti.

The record price is also due to the uniqueness of this Fine Burgundy red winesince there are only a few Six hundred samples.

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