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Press Release: NexusBDR - Allows Business Server recovery in Less than Half-hour.

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Nexus IT, an Ontario based technology firm, announced today the release of a system it is calling NexusBDR. The company explained the NexusBDR is a total Backup and Disaster Recovery system in a Box.
"We're very pleased to bring this system to Small and Medium companies. It is truly an Enterprise-class Backup and Data Recovery System, without the enterprise-class price.” Said Abdi Ismail, President and CEO of Nexus IT.

According to company website the NexusBDR system boasts several distinct advantages over Data Protection systems currently deployed in the vast of majority of SMB ( small, medium business) environments. Three of the top characteristics cited as uniquely compelling reasons for considering this system are;

1. Unlike traditional Backup systems, where specific files have to be selected, the NexusBDR takes a full snapshot of Entire servers, with all settings, files and data. Including Open Files and databases

2. This Total Backup Image of the server is taken every 15 Minutes, instead of Once a day ( where typically most of the current backup system will do a "nightly" backup at midnight or thereabouts).

3. The NexusBDR is a Standby Server. In other words if one of the protected Servers Crashes for ANY reason, the NexusBDR steps in and Acts as a virtual server. According to Nexus IT, the Users of the server, wouldn't even know the difference in the event of a failure. Email continues to flow, Accounting/Ordering Applications Keep processing orders and Databases remain available.

For further Information and for a media kit on the specific details of the NexusBDR system please visit

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About Nexus IT Ltd:

Nexus IT is Canada's Tech Support Company for Small and Medium businesses and healthcare providers.

Typical Nexus client has 5 to 150 workstations per location and relies on their computers, network, and Internet for daily operations. Most clients have specialized Business or Practice software that they use to run their business and rely heavily on that software being operational. Clients Include Business Service Firms, Doctor's offices, Dentists, Attorneys, Financial /Insurance Consultants or Brokers, Accountants & Professional associations.

For More Information, Please Contact :

Micheline Spencer, VP Marketing, Nexus IT Ltd.

200 Bond Street west, Suite 204

Oshawa, On

T: 416-244-8562

Toll Free: 1-877-444-1004




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