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Queen Cleopatra, controversy erupts against the new Netflix documentary series: “She Was Not Black”

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Netflix returns to the center of controversy. As has already happened in the past, the controversies concern particularly controversial castings and children from that phenomenon that has been defined Race swap, or when you choose to change the race of characters in a movie or series. In some cases this should not cause an uproar because it is irrelevant for purposes of plot or historical validity (as for example in Bridgerton), in other cases the question is more sensitive, as shown the case Queen Cleopatra.

docu-series produced by Jada Pinkett Smith, the narrator too, and the first trailer released in recent days has sparked a new set of criticisms and controversies. The reason is simple: The Egyptian Queen was played by Adele Jamesblack actress. This in itself is not a sensational starting error, since the question of Cleopatra’s famous race is still highly debated in the academic environment.

Part of the reason is precisely the cut chosen by the Netflix production, which aims to transcend the mythic Personal lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antonyalready mentioned for example in the 1963 film Da Joseph L. Mankiewicz with Liz Taylor And Richard Burton. For example, an expert testimonial is hosted claiming: «My mother always said: Don’t pay attention to what they tell you at school. Cleopatra was black».

Words that caused a sensation, not only on the Internet but also in many newspapers close to the Arab, Egyptian and Greek worlds. As stated by many sources, Archaeologist Zahi Hawass He spoke out strongly against theory and representation Queen Cleopatraand specify it frankly False facts. The Egyptologist is among those who support a different thesis, taken up Greek timesor that the Queen has Greek ancestry which is why she points the finger at the docu-series for Having promoted the afro mediuman ideology that promotes the idea that the pharaohs and ancient Egyptians were black and that the Egyptians were going to usurp their identity.

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Online, many users have expressed their opposition through derision or more serious disagreements. some sayThis is not the black representation we want or needOthers point out thatIt’s how to do it Presentation on Colonial India And you do Play King George for an Indian». On TikTok, one user also pointed out:Whenever something like this happens, we deny ourselves the opportunity to tell a black story based on real black history».

A petition has also been launched change.orgIt was later removed by which requested that the documentary be cancelled. Queen Cleopatra However it is part of a larger project in which Jada Pinkett Smith is directly involved. A series of documentaries about African queens. «We don’t often see or hear stories about black queens, so it’s very important for me, as well as my daughter and my community, to get to know them because there are so many of them.»He stated this according to what was reported by many sources.

In the production, we remember, there is also a film starring Gal Gadot in the role of the famous historical figure. there The release date of the four episodes from docu-series instead fixed in May 10, 2023.

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source: Arab News

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