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Android 13, media playback transfer between devices will be easier

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Your Android 13 device Can debut system for Makes it easy to transfer media playback from one compatible device to another: peers Android Police. At this early stage, the details aren’t entirely clear, but it looks like the functionality will look a lot like that expected in the Apple ecosystem, for example between the iPhone and the HomePod. Or if we want to see it from another angle, The simplest and most immediate implementation of the Cast protocol.

The main difference from what we’ve seen so far with Cast is that The system will suggest playback devices when the user approaches. Let’s say, for example, that I went to the kitchen to make coffee and in the meantime tricked the wait by watching a video on the phone. I go back to the living room and sit on the sofa. The system knows I’m within range of a Cast-enabled TV and asks if I’d like to continue playing the video on the larger screen. Currently, if I want to perform an operation like this, I have to manually press the button to send and choose the device from the list of compatible devices.

Judging from the little information we have so far, this”Click to move“(The temporary name, of course) may require protocols and hardware capable of communicating the exact location, or at least proximity, on board of the various compatible devices. Think UWB, or at least NFC. Of course the second is more widespread than the first, but it is more accurate, practical and convenient – with NFC you should almost touch the recipient’s device, just like with the iPhone and HomePod.

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It’s possible that even Google hasn’t finished everything perfectly yet, so we’ll just have to wait and see how it develops. Remember that we already Relatively close to releasing the first developer builds: Usually the fateful month is February – but who knows, maybe Contains Android 12L Google’s plans are a bit bothered.

However, it is worth reporting the discovery of the source Two other novelties coming. One of them is closely related to Tap-To-Transfer: the interface for manually selecting the output device will be redesigned in a style that is more consistent with material you.

The other grandmother is it QR code scanner in quick settings and lock screen. At the moment on Android devices it is necessary to open the camera application and wait for the code to be recognized automatically. A little inconvenient and, above all, not entirely intuitive – meaning that if someone doesn’t know this has been done, it’s hard for them to get through without telling them. pure “thank you” to panemia, i QR codes are increasingly common and used in everyday life, even if only to consult the restaurant menu, so it makes sense to put a scanner in front, always at hand.

The images are mockups which, the source says, come directly from Google. In other words, No actual code running yetThere is no way to know if all of these features will be part of the final OS. If nothing else, we have an idea of ​​what to expect, roughly.

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