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Whirlpool “Between Space and Time” at Fuorisalone 2022

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Waiting time from Foresalon 2022To whom whirlpool You will be located in two prestigious locations in the city.

at the University of Milan, whirlpool He is a co-producer of the Mostra di the interior “Design Re-Generation” in which it continues the project begun with architect Michel de Lucci and AMDL CIRCLE in 2021. The installation, also created in collaboration with Alucobond, is titled “astronomical station“.

A kind of “telescope” that points to the sky and at the same time has a goal: to find harmony between We feel good about ourselves and othersPreserving the physical environment in which we all live. An incentive to think about a future of prosperity for the individual and for the planet.

luxury that Sixth sense technique making hardware whirlpool Intuitive, allowing you to save effort and time to devote to yourself. Because the development of one’s well-being helps to recharge, rebalance and live better. In addition, Sixth Sense technology ensures superior performance with less environmental impact.

Whirlpool will also be located in a second hotspot in the city, along with Hotpoint. in heart Brera . Countyon Via delle Erbe 2 / A, the two brands welcome visitors in a unique and immersive setting.

especially, whirlpool It will present a journey towards well-being within three dedicated “zones”, able to accompany people on a path that represents, on a technical level, daily stresses and positive effects of indulging in An environment that suggests calm and serenity, enveloped in a sense of well-being.

Throughout the entire experience, visitors will be guided through Sixth sense technique.

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On the other hand, Hotpoint will motivate the audience to re-embrace the feeling of ‘home love’ towards an immersive installation, which accompanies visitors in An exciting journey consisting of intimate and family moments: A sense of harmony bolstered every day by Hotpoint’s technology solutions, trusted allies in managing life at home.

Thanks Smart and unique space design, the audience will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the proposed mood and fully experience the essence of the two brands. The site will also host a special Hotpoint event dedicated to food lovers: on the afternoon of June 7, from 4 to 6 p.m.,Hotpoint recipes for the heartShare Chef Bruno Barbieri. The event has limited places, they can be booked at

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