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How can I cancel permanently? Here is the answer

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Do you want to delete your Google account on the phone? Or do you want to delete it permanently? Here’s how to do it in a few steps, but with some important introductions to keep in mind before you proceed

In many cases one needs to close google account, for example because you chose to use another email client for various reasons. This is not only a potential process, but also a very simple one, albeit subject to some important introductions that should not be underestimated before messing with the elements that we will report on above.

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first of all, Delete a Google account It includes the immediate removal of everything related to the profile: emails, photos, documents, as well as the inability to access contents purchased from the Google Play Store. If you are really concerned about deleting your account, it is highly recommended to check your important files and documents by making a backup first.

Also, do not underestimate the importance of the speech related to the title E-mail. It is often required to subscribe to social networks and is used in many services, such as the banking sector, to receive paper documents. Before deleting your account, please change your email address on all platforms where you are registered.

Having said that, let’s see How to delete a Google account from the phone. First let’s start by removing only the account from the device in use. If you are using an Android smartphone, open the Settings app, tap Manage Account, tap Account and tap Remove Account to confirm cancellation. Only the account will be deleted from the device, while it remains active and functional.

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How to permanently delete a Google account on your phone or computer

The Google
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this process The account will not be permanently deleted. In this case you will have to open the Settings app, tap The GoogleClick “Manage your Google Account” and enter the “Data and Personalization” section. Find “Download or delete your data” and then “Delete your account”. Note that these steps differ depending on the type of Android smartphone used. The main thing is to find the Google entry in the device settings and follow the path indicated in the previous lines.

If you prefer to use a computer instead, enter the page first And click on “Data and Personalization”. Locate the section “Download, delete, or plan to manage your data” and select “Delete a service or your account.” In the “Delete your Google Account” box, click “Delete your account” and follow the on-screen procedure.

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