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Press Release: easyDNA Extends Services to Clients for DNA Testing in Over Fifty Countries

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Press release from easyDNA, the DNA testing company, emphasising how they have extended their services to over fifty countries.

Top DNA testing company easyDNA has announced the expansion of their DNA testing services to cover clients in over 50 different countries worldwide. Press Release - KENT, UK 11/09/2009 - A leading DNA testing provider has announced that it now offers services to over fifty countries. The expansion program of easyDNA Limited has led it to offer services to clients in remote areas such as Peru, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mauritius.

The firm has recently opened new offices in Nigeria, India, Romania and Mexico in order to meet the demands of its clients, and continues to establish offices in different countries so as to maintain the progress of its global growth strategy.

easyDNA now operates administration offices in sixteen countries, namely in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Italy, and Romania in Europe, and also in Mexico, New Zealand and India. They have three regional offices in Africa: South Africa, the Republic of Congo and Nigeria, while the USA and Australia also have two regional offices.

The easyDNA International Director of Sales and Marketing, Andrew Alexander, commented that it takes good marketing and "careful planning" to meet the DNA testing needs of clients living in the more remote areas of the countries served. "The firm provides the same high level of service to all clients even if there is no regional office nearby". An efficient system of logistics meets client's testing needs rapidly and effectively, and results can now be sent my email, thus negating any disadvantage normally experience by those located in remote areas.

The company specializes in providing private individuals and public bodies with accurate, reliable and confidential DNA Relationship Testing, including Paternity testing, and also DNA Forensic Testing through a worldwide network of regional offices. Because the laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 and AABB, the quality of tests is guaranteed by national standards. Part of these standards ensures that our genetic identification systems are employed with the highest possible levels of accuracy.


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