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The Movie Critic: Quentin Tarantino’s new film will be filmed where it all began

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Film critic Quentin Tarantino

for his latest movie Film critic, Quentin Tarantino So he decided to return to where it all began, to the famous filming location where he began his career. Actually he started his career in 1992 with HyenasWhile his next movie pulp fictionHelp him establish his reputation in the industry. After nine movies Film critic It will now be – as he announced – his last feature film, thus concluding his career as a director.

While pre-production continues Film criticNow, the famous director has revealed his plans for such a project. talking with Hollywood ReporterIn fact, Tarantino has revealed the location where filming will take place, which is supposed to begin in the fall of 2023, strikes permitting. For them, Tarantino turned to California, the state in which the filming took place HyenasPraising this place for its importance in the history of cinema. “I love shooting in California. I started directing films here and it is fitting that I will shoot my latest film in the cinema capital of the world.”‘ declared the director.

Film criticEverything we know about the movie

Speaking about the film, Tarantino said:The Movie Critic is based on a man who was actually there, but was never famous, and wrote movie reviews for a pornographic magazine. All the other stuff was just too cliché to read, but then there was this magazine with a really cool movie page. He wrote about mainstream films and was the second critic. I think he was a great critic. He was sarcastic as hell. His reviews were a cross between an early Howard Stern and what Travis Bickle might be like if he were a film critic.

But he was very funny and very rude. He cursed. He used racial slurs. But his nonsense was really funny. He was rude as hell. He wrote as if he were 55, but he was only in his early 30s. He died in his late thirties. It wasn’t clear for a while, but now I’ve done more research and I think it was a complication of alcoholismTarantino did not reveal the name of the anonymous critic or the pornographic magazine he wrote for, but he… Film criticthe dummy magazine will be called “Popstar Pages“.

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It seems like the film could be very daring if not controversial too, and judging by the fact that the critic died in his late 20s from complications from alcoholism, this might also give Tarantino’s tenth and final film a tragic nuance. No one has been cast yet Film critic, But the director said the lead part is designed for an actor around 35 years old and that he plans to cast a new hero he hasn’t worked with before, already considering someone he thinks would do a great job, but said he’s still hesitating.

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