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Horror will be “scary, dark, annoying and unpleasant” –

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Glenn Scofield, founder of the Striking Distance Studios development team, took advantage of Twitter to talk about Callisto Protocol and its lighting system. On that occasion, he made it clear that the horror game would be “Scary, gloomy, annoying and unpleasantIn addition, he confirmed that there will be new information soon.

The Callisto Protocol was designed by the same people who worked on Dead Space and is kind of a spiritual sequel to this horror series, although there’s clearly no narrative link. This game will be set at the same time PUGB worldalthough it would be a limited link to a few small cross-references.

Schofield also paid tribute to members of the development team, including technical director Demetrius Leal and lighting director Atsushi Seo. it is obvious that lighting system It can go a long way in the case of horror and it will be thanks to the efforts in the field if the game is “scary, dark, annoying and unpleasant”.

regarding New informationAs mentioned, Scofield promised that there will be news “soon.” Obviously, the word “soon” isn’t accurate, but given that the Summer Games Festival will take place on June 9, it’s not impossible that the team planned a presentation during the event. Finally, remember that the game is in development for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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