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Star Wars Eclipse won’t be released before 2027, and Quantic Dream struggles to hire, to report –

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According to a report published by Xfire, QUANTIC DREAM She struggles to hire employees for her projects and that’s why Star Wars Eclipse can come out Not before 2027-2028.

According to the article published by Tom Henderson, a well-known journalist and deep-seated in the sector, the business in Star Wars Eclipse is still in an embryonic stage. So why announce it in advance yet?

For Henderson, the main reason was to put the studio in the spotlight and Attracting new potential employees, thus facilitating the recruitment drive needed to complete the development. A strategy used by many development houses in his opinion, but which does not seem to have given the Quantic Dream the desired results.

Star Wars Eclipse, image taken from the ad trailer

As the article explains, there is currently beyond 67 job ads Available on the Quantic Dreams portal for 60 three months ago (so before the Star Wars Eclipse was announced). All reports are in February 2022 with a publication date, but when doing a search using, it turns out that most of them were published months if not years ago, even if the “top” positions are, therefore, very important.

Also, according to Henderson’s sources, the Star Wars Eclipse reveal also had a second goal, which was to make Quantic Dreams attractive to having, a goal the studio has pursued since the end of the agreement with Sony for the three games exclusively for PlayStation platforms, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. A theory that has already been suggested by deep throats in the past, and as was the case at the time, we invite you to take it with caution.

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