September 26, 2023

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Now the government is changing everything and offering you free pellet stove, official rules and question

Now the government is changing everything and offering you free pellet stove, official rules and question

Stinging on gas is really tough.

The families Now they can no longer pay their bills or even pay for supermarket shopping.


The Gas Electricity has reached really exorbitant numbers because the war in Ukraine and terrible inflation exist Bring families to their knees.

Pele’s reward: families need it

In addition to Italian families, there are also many companies that risk closing thus A hit on the gas is to be expected to be a really terrible thing.


Precisely for this reason, the government and local institutions, along with families, step in to achieve successReplacing gas systems with pellet stoves. In fact, pellet stoves can guarantee significant savings. By replacing the gas system with a pellet stove, the family will be able to say goodbye to the terrible gas bill and buy pellets.

Big savings on the stove thanks to public assistance

Much more granules economic Compared to gas and thus doing so The savings for the family can be huge. Many families today want to move towards pellet stoves but the problem is pellet stoves It can also cost three or 4000 euros. Today, for a typical family, spending 3 or 4000 euros for a stove is really nice It is therefore not surprising that many leave these expenditures alone. But for this very reason, many regions apply the granule bonus just to be able to pay Wholly or partially household pellet stove.

How to claim the reward

This means that Take advantage of regional rewards on the pellet stove Families within a certain ISEE can get an expensive stove for free or almost free. It is very important for the family to check the ISEE threshold for their area. In fact, not all regions have started the pellet stove bonus nor do they all use the same ISEE threshold. For example, some areas give a pellet stove bonus only to those who stay there common above a certain height. It is certainly a very moral bonus and will allow you to save a lot of money and families in this difficult winter of price hikes.

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