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Bullet Train closes with average box office, but falls within budget

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Considering the huge promotional campaign launched by Sony Pictures for it Express train And as an exceptional hero like Brad Pitt, it can’t be said that action-comedy has run its course at its best. Close to leaving theaters, it closes with a rather meager box office both in the US and abroad.

Already around mid-August, when the new movie David Leach It premiered in theaters just over a week ago, we immediately noticed Bullet train fatigue at the box office. movie that Unreliable previous franchise to support it and does not seem ready to lay the foundations for its creation. Despite this, he wanted to risk a budget well above the mid-range, and then added several million in the upgrade.

Bullet Train has now passed an important stop at the US box office, but it’s still far from adequate compared to initial estimates. with 100 million profit in the US Net from the end of this ninth week of distribution in the national market. With these it covers 90 million budget For production, which supposedly was supposed to double due to massive promotion. Fortunately, he succeeded with the help of the overseas market, which is estimated to lead to a A total of 200 million by the end of its run.

But in recent days, among the works of David Leitch, the first works have returned to the top of the wave dead list In light of Hugh Jackman’s participation in Chapter Three. In this regard, there is talk of a An unexpected return in Deadpool 3. And we’re not talking about Wolverine anymore.

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