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Football Promotion Championship – Two mistakes costing JCP dearly come out of Torino defeat

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9 ^ Championship Day: Junior Hurts Himself

Atletico Torino-JCP-2-1 (42′ Amin, 45′ + 1′ Pozzana, 74′ Di Fano pen.)

Atletico Torino: Bussato, Massa, Resitano, Talamo (cap.), Infantino, La Rosa (Fero from 35 seconds), Di Fano, Badji (Barbate from 13 t), Taine (Bacelli from 6). , Fascio (Onjefu from 13’s.t.), Pozzana. Available: Grande, Costamagna, Museo, Zandego, Salerno. All: stadiums.

JCP: Gamarino S., Iacomussi (Moscato from 1’s.t.), Bertolone (Buso from 42’s.t.), Viazzi, Dondi, El Atlassi, Torrau, Roccia (Cap.) (Kerroumi from 37’s.t.), Siragosa , Amin, Tomasi (Vedovato dal 26’s.t.). Available: cairola, oscilam, bianco, sola, joseppine. All: Bellingeri-Miglietta.

Referee: Zanilo Samuel (Vercelli)
Assistants: Maiolo Valentina and Bocello Nicholas (Turin)
First half: Atlético Torino-JCB-1-1
Corner: Atlético Torino-JCB -7-2
Reservations: Atletico Torino-JCP-3-2 (Bertolone 21’pt, Badji 39’pt, Barbati 19’s.t., Talamo 38’s.t., Viazzi 45’s.t.)
Ejection: Atletico Torino-JCB-0-0

Transfer to the capital of Savoy Junior Calcio Pontestura. On the combination of Poli A, the headquarters of Atletico Torino and Pasigalupo, Mr. Bellingeri confirmed the squad he accepted eight days ago slashing five goals at Trovarello. One exception: Bertolon (the return from disqualification) instead of Moscato, who sits on the bench alongside David Bosso, born in 2004 on his first call with “The Big”. Stafano Gamarino between the columns; In fourth place with Iacomosi, Dundee, Fiazy and Bertolon. Atlantic in direction, Roccia and Torao inside and Tomasi to act as rings on the left flank.

Amin is free to enter behind the center striker Siragosa. Atletico Torino ranks Bussato, Massa, Resitano, Talamo, Infantino, La Rosa, Di Fano, Badge, Taine, Fasio and Pozzana. It’s an atypical 4-3-3 game, with La Rosa (right) and Tyne (left), ready to lend a helping hand to midfield and back on track. The first half of JCP is excellent. Bellingeri occupy the field well, not suffering from the opponent’s long balls and phrases that lead to the conclusion Amen, Rocia, Syragusa and Torao. On the fourth, Amin tries from afar, but his oath ends high. Atlético starts with its goalkeeper.

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Deep launch to search for sidebars. At 10′ the cross is captured from the right by a Tine’s head that does not frame the target. Amin tried again in the 17th minute and this time the goalkeeper performed in a central display. Bertolon stopped restarting the hosts due to a foul that the referee deemed a yellow card. The next group (from 20 m) ends at the side of the column covered with the bulkhead. Even the JCP is seen to be punished. The clock is at 26 minutes when the Atlantic clears Bertolon’s head, which misses the impact by a few centimeters. In exactly half an hour the double excitement of Casales’ defense. From a corner kick, Baji finds the deflection at the near post and Fiyazzi saves a practically scored goal. It continues and the problem is resolved by a brave exit from Gamarino who deflects a corner kick taking risks.

JCP does not collapse and continues to play by displaying himself in attack. Amin serves the rocker and the back lane is awesome. From a few steps the ten of Junior concludes with a sure shot, but the ball is happily bounced by the opponent. These are the general exercises for the goal. After handing the “yellow” to Badji (39), the guests took a free kick to complete a nice round of the ball. Roccia filter millimeter and amine empties diagonally behind Busato: 0-1. The match enters its decisive phase, because everything takes place between 45 and 47 minutes. Do it on Iacomussi in the middle of the field with Junior still ten. The blow to the back of the hand is one of the knockout blows. Lorenzo will not return anymore and will be taken to the hospital for an x-ray (a fracture is feared).

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Meanwhile, Atletico put in a good move on the right flank and put candidate from Fascio Botana in front of Gamarino. Accurate and balanced diagonal at the end of the first half. In the second half, the hosts do not change their way of playing, but are faced with a small player who falls heavily and is no longer able to occupy the opposite half of the court. Moscato for Iacomussi, Pacelli for Tine and a deadly restart in the 11th minute with Fascio providing a golden pass for Bosana. This time the ball ends on the side and JCP thanks the blindfolded goddess. Two more taurine changes: Barbate for Badji and Onjifu for Fassio. The entry of the striker of African descent changes the face of the game. The JCP central defense must now fight on all balls by laying on the body and fatally shooting several whistles from the referee. After a superb shot from Barbate in the 13th minute that ended away, Junior’s free kick from the Atlantic took one step away from the advantage. Bertolon’s header flies over the crossbar. At 22′ everyone stood clapping and celebrating, but the goal’s cry was stifled by mere misfortune. Control the run and fly right on Torrau whose 25-meter fragments intersect the poles. Fedovato kicked off for Tommasi in the 26th minute and the match was in complete control, with a tie for Suleiman.

Except that, at 29′ of the line, the ball is in the yellow-red-blue zone. The intervention of the Atlas punished by the referee with a penalty kick. From his place, Di Fano scored the winning goal. Kerroumi’s entries for Roccia and Buso (absolute debut) for Bertolone, do not change the match’s inertia. The last 4-2-4 gives space to the Savoy counterattack and between 43 and 44 minutes the Atletico trio touched. Lob on the outgoing Gamarino run by Di Vanno and rescue on the Moscato Line. How the ball went out in the 44th minute remains a mystery and then a final attack in 5 minutes of stoppage time awarded by a perfect trio of referees. Kirumi (48′) corner and Dundee header with the ball widening. At 49′ Viazzi doesn’t find the edge of Bussato’s door and Junior has to leave the three points at the end of the hard-to-decipher match. Pay dearly for two mistakes, in an indisputable category. The results of other fields shorten the rankings at the bottom, but it was known that today, loss can happen.

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Day 9 results: Gaviese-Pozzomaina-6-3 Calcio Novese-Asca AL-2-1 Castellazzo-Beppe Viola Calcio-5-1 Atletico Torino-JCP-2-1 Pastorfrigor-San Giacomo Chieri-4-0 Trofarello-Felizzano – 1-3 Paris Saint-Germain – Ovadesi – 0-1 Valenzana Mado – Arcoatzi 1-1

Standings: Pastorfrigor 23, Valenzana Mado, Ovades 21, Trofarello, Atlético Torino 15, Castellazzo 14, Javez 13, PSG 11, Pozomaina, Novese, Velizano 10, Asca AL, Pepe Viola Calcio, GCB 9, Arcoates 7, San Giacomo Cherry 4 .

Next round (11-13-2022): Asuka Algaves; Pozzomaina-Arquatese. JCB Castellazzo Baby Viola Calcio Pastorfrigor; Velezano – Atletico Turin San Giacomo Cherry Calcio Novese; Ovadese- Trovarillo. Paris Saint-Germain – Mado Valencia.

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