Home Economy Controversy in Terni over Burger King job ad – Corriere.it

Controversy in Terni over Burger King job ad – Corriere.it

Controversy in Terni over Burger King job ad – Corriere.it

“If you are interested in becoming part of our staff, leave your resume inside the restaurant.” It looked like a file job advertisement Like many others, the publication in the past few weeks is out burger king From the Cospea Village shopping center in turnney. However, it was the last part of it that ended up in the eye of the storm: “Currently we give priority to male employees”. Specifications that infuriated both citizens and users of social networks (with reports received, now over ten days ago, even to the Minister for a proper equalizationty Elena Bonetti), agree to believe it Little respect for gender equality.

“We have already been told that our ad could be misinterpreted – as one fast food manager said – but on our part There is no discriminatory intent. In fact, most women work here (thirteen in all, so), we also hired two recently.” Just three guys instead, one of them announced it He will be leaving soon. This is the reason for the “Job Offer Posting, which offers a trial month with an on-demand contract of approximately 20 hours per month.” We need some males to unload the goods – continued the manager – work is heavy and There is a physical difference. In the last class I had to get help from another employee.”

It goes without saying that a woman is a clear one Generalization. That’s why she was the one who fixed it, anywayAnd Curricula suggested by the candidates They were not previously rejected. To avoid further controversy, the announcement is coming now “Removed and modified”. But the search for powerful weapons continues.


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