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Media Release: Scientology Narconon drug rehab sued for fraud and negligence

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Breaking news from Tony Ortega's 'Underground Bunker' blog website today details a lawsuit filed on January 29, 2014, against Narconon Fresh Start and Rainbow Canyon Retreat for Breach of Contract, Fraud, and Negligence.

The Plaintiffs, David, Stacy, and Jack Welch of Texas are suing Narconon Fresh Start, doing business as the Rainbow Canyon Retreat in Caliente, Nevada. Media Release (02/02/2014)

By David Love

lawsuit against Narconon

"The Welches were told they'd have to pay $33,000 up front, and that before Jack could enter the program in Nevada, he'd first have to go through a medical detox in Murrieta, California."

The lawsuit also alleges that staff members were using drugs - a not uncommon practice as seen/alleged and documented at Narconon of Georgia, Narconon Arrowhead, and Narconon Trois-Rivieres. In one case, it is alleged that Narconon staff traded drugs to patients for sex.

This scam the Welch's fell for mirrored the exact con-game that duped many to enter Narconon Trois-Rivieres and other Narconons around the globe. An email received in 2008 promising a precise 76% at Narconon Trois-Rivieres, was the same 76% success rate fraud that enticed the Welch's. Some Narconons promote and advertise an 80% and as high as 90% success rate to desperate addicts and their family members.

Narconon Gulf Coast BOASTS a long term non-twelve step program with a 90% success rate.

Today, one commenter, 10oriocookies (Eric) on Ortega's blog stated:

"The NarCONon world is shrinking fast in the US. Reliable sources at NarCONon's largest facility in the world (Arrowhead) put their current population at less than 50 clients. The second largest center in the world, Freedom Center, reportedly has a population of less than 40. Their staff hasn't been paid in 5 weeks and their Executive Director quit after relapsing and getting caught. He went "back to school" though. Freedom Center put John Walser back at the helm. This is good news because he is about as useful as a pair of tits on a bull. This will only accelerate their demise."

Eric Tenorio

About 'Eric Tenorio' on Narconon Reviews website:

"Eric held a number of positions at Narconon over a period of 12 years, eventually becoming Executive Director at Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan. When he realized that money was taking priority over Narconon's stated rules and that Narconon International was complicit in this …"

Indeed, Narconons are a shrinking Scientology entity with Narconon Trois-Rivieres, Narconon Canada, and recently, Narconon of Georgia closing their doors in disgrace.

What's interesting in this new lawsuit is that when "the Welches signed a contract, and the complaint points out that the contract describes Narconon's origin - it was started in 1966 by a man named William Benitez, who had been inspired by Hubbard's book, The Fundamentals of Thought."

"The lawsuit points out that the actual name of the book is Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, The Basic Book of the Theory and Practice of Scientology for Beginners. The Welches believe that the full name is left out of the Narconon contract in order to hide the program's connection to Scientology."

Today, still in a cellophane wrapper (as seen in above photo), David Love holds the "Scientology Fundamentals of Thought" in his hand that was given to him at Narconon Trois-Rivieres -- "The Basic Book of the Theory & Practice of Scientology for Beginners."

As 'Eric Tenorio' states on Narconon Reviews:

"A typical day in Narconon is learning Scientology Scriptures masked as addiction treatment for 12 hours a day. Make no mistake about it, the only thing you are learning in Narconon is how to become a Scientologist, nothing about addiction and how to cope with it. In my 13 years on staff there was never one lecture about addiction, never one session of one-on-one counseling by a licensed counselor, never one group therapy session, never one lecture or video shown about addiction, nutrition, or coping skills."

Governments and lawyers are doing their best to shut down this Hubbard quackery before another dies inside Scientology's industry of death.

David Love



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Author: intelligence
Feb 02, 2014
Date Correction for Lawsuit
"Type-O" - DATE CORRECTION sent to 'Wire Service' -

RE: "...lawsuit filed on January 14, 2013, against Narconon Fresh Start ..."

Text should read "lawsuit filed on January 29, 2014"

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