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Spazio 21 raises the curtain: art, meetings and music for the renaissance

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Spazio 21 raises the curtain: art, meetings and music for the renaissance

Baroni, Corti, Parazzi and Simraro at Spazio 21

Not only exhibitions of contemporary art in the projects of the association “21”. In the Initiatives Program for 2022 (established in collaboration with the Community Foundation) that will have Space 21 at San Fereolo 24 in Lodi as their driving center, there is much more than art.

The central space of the program is dedicated to exhibitions, which opens at 5 pm on Saturday 12 March with “Resurrection”, a collection curated by David Di Maggio in collaboration with MC2 Gallery in Milan. Between May and June we will see the works of young authors who will participate, led by Gianluca Capellazzo, in the second “Artist’s Residence” studying the region of Lodi. The language of photography will be the theme of the fall exhibition, in conjunction with the Ethical Photography Festival, while the review by David Bramante, which will conclude in 2022, was born out of cultural exchange.

There are two musical proposals, beginning with the series “Author’s Portraits”. When music meets art “sponsored by Ezio Guaitamacchi who will bring the most famous songwriters of the Italian scene to” 21 “(first Eugenio Finardi on March 24). After the restoration of the improvisational musical show “The Voice in the Moment” curated by Alberto Braida.

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