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Reserved space for fishing and sea exhibition

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first novelty Model 2022 and the Polynesian fish industry who will be present at The 85th edition of Fiera del LevanteAnd the From 15 to 23 October Next to Hunting and Sea Exhibition in booths 19 and 20 of the Exhibition Center.

The opportunity to participate in the 2022 edition is highly favourable Puglia Region – Department of Agriculture And by the President of Nuova Fiera del Levante Alessandro Ambrosi, It is the result of an important synergy that began in recent months, but also the result of the numerous meetings that management has planned with operators in the sector. Indeed, Apulia has an important maritime tradition rooted not only in the fishing sector, but also in aquaculture and mussel farming, and is particularly strongly present, in Taranto and the Gargano region, and in the processing and marketing of processed fish products. , so much so that the sector was the protagonist of the Italian pavilion at the last edition of the World Seafood Fair in Barcelona, ​​which was held last May, with the participation of twelve leading Bolian companies among sixty national exhibitors.

It is from this experience and precisely from the strong synergy between the operators of the Bolinian fish industry and the regional offices of the Department of Sustainable Management and Protection of Natural Resources and the EMFF Service, the impulse to give life to a particular exhibition and the moment was born. The idea is to make the Bolianese fish industry gain more centrality within the national trade fair panorama, as well as to promote the bad branding reputation of the Bolianese companies at the regional and national levels, by implementing interventions of common interest, purposeful initiatives when implementing quality policy, and improving and promoting the fishery products that They are caught, raised and processed, both to support the development of new markets, including international ones, and to improve penetration into existing markets.

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“This year, Fiera del Levante offers a new story to its visitors – comments the Regional Adviser for Agriculture, Donato Pintasoglia – The subject of the richness of our agricultural and fisheries heritage. This year, on the occasion of Campionaria, from October 15 to 23, the exhibition dedicated to fishing and the sea will be held, with the support of the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, which will accompany visitors to discover the precious resources in the sector of fish and aquaculture, the breeding of bulyan and mussels. An area, therefore, entirely dedicated to the blue economy, in line with our regional program for the protection, promotion and promotion of the fishing sector. The exhibition has become a valuable support for promoting environmental sustainability, the importance of product traceability and information directed to consumers so that they can consciously choose traced and certified products. We are certain that the real strength of the Apulian fish supply chain is precisely the synergy between companies, territories and institutions that support production daily with research actions in favor of quality and traceability.”

The presence of supply chain companies in the prestigious offering of Fiera del Levante will be enriched by events aimed at increasing public awareness of local fisheries and sustainable aquaculture products. Chefs will also play a central role, spearheading the supply chain and who, through an extensive show cooking programme, will contribute to enhancing knowledge of locally caught or raised produce, processing techniques and preparation methods.

“The representation of Apulian companies in the sector – concludes the commissioner – will involve young and old through events, thematic focus, culinary presentation held by expert chefs, experiential and sensory itineraries, with practical and informative pieces aimed at raising awareness of sustainable consumption and quality. There will be moments tasting some of the dishes Traditional Apulian accompanied by wines from the original Apulian vineyards.

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for Alessandro Ambrosi, President of Nuova Fiera del Levante, Fishing and Sea Fair “is a very innovative proposal from a Pentassuglia council member that rewards a sector that is the pride of us in Apulia. Fishing in our region is a tradition but also research into the transformation of fish products, aquaculture and mussel farming also grows from the Gargano to the sea Ionian and especially in the wonderful Taranto, where new types of farming such as tuna are tried, while in Gallipoli c’ it’s still the one who weaves the rush pots. A sophisticated sector we already dealt with with an exhibition in 2019, but it returns with elegance and a large and dedicated space. Thanks for the Apulia region important cooperation.”

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