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Do you remember Mariangela Fantozzi? It has changed a lot over the years

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Mariangela Fantozzi was an unforgettable figure in the world of Italian cinema. Let’s see what happened to the actor who played it.

Mariangela Fantozzi –

Anyone who lived in the eighties cannot help but remember Mariangela Fantozzi, the daughter of the most famous accountant in Italian cinema.

Who was Mariangela Fantozzi?

Mariangela Fantozzi was the daughter of the accountant Fantozzi, played by Paolo Villaggio and was notable not for her beauty but for her ape-like appearance. Precisely because of his funny characteristics, he also conquered the public because of his jokes.

Fantozzi’s films have been very successful not only for his main character but for everyone else as well Co-stars. In addition to Mariangela Fantozzi, there were other personalities who filled his world: his wife Pina, Milena Vukotek, Miss Silvani, accountant Fellini and many others.

Not everyone knew or knew that, in fact, her role was a male actor and that this actor is now over 70 years old. He entered the history of Italian cinema, today it is life Fernando BelliniHer name has completely changed, as has her appearance. In parallel with Mariangela, the actor also played Uga, the accountant’s niece.

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Born in Tunisia in 1947The parents of Plinio Fernando, the actor who played Mariangela Fantozzi, are of Jewish descent. After receiving his degree as a mechanic, Pliny entered the Stanislavsky Academy of Acting at the Amphitryon Theatre.

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In 1974 this success came thanks to Mariangela Fantozzi. The actor has taken on the role in eight films with Paolo Villaggio. Unfortunately. In the mid-nineties, he was forced to disappear from the scene. Then he devoted himself to painting and sculpture. thanks for theart He was able to create a personal exhibition called Unlimited S-Combinations. During the same period, in 2015 his work was shown in Anzio, on the site of the Civic Archaeological Museum.

Retiring from the stage, he happened to be at the side of his ailing father, who had died in those years. If he had given up his job he could have benefited from his father’s pension.

Frank Blaney
Franco Bellini –

Today it is not difficult to meet him on the streets of Rome, if only attentive eyes can recognize him. 75 years of age can be seen except Facial features are indistinguishable And if you look closely, you can still see the character that made him famous.

One of his last public appearances, related to his work as an actor, was at the Rome Film Festival. On that occasion, he pushed the wheelchair for Paolo Villaggio who was having problems walking. With Paolo Villaggio Blinio he always said he had a friendly relationship. Also next to them is the very famous Signorina Silvani played by Anna Mazamoro.

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