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Activision, employees continue to strike and Call of Duty: Warzone pays its due –

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I employees From Activision Entering the seventh week of He hits The situation seems to affect the quality control Call of Duty: War Zone.

As reported, Activision Blizzard workers are on indefinite strike, despite company threats, after some employees responsible for the Question and Answer From Call of Duty: Warzone at Raven Software.

As a result, many users and live streamers have complained about the current state of battle royale, where bugs and glitches are no longer being fixed as quickly as they are used to precisely because of the lack of staff. Quality control.

According to an Activision tester who wished to remain anonymous, he and a number of his teammates had received a request from Activision to replace the currently striking workers, which led to further discontent among the team.

A second tester mentioned that Call of Duty’s problems are specifically related to this situation, stressing the great importance of work done by people who identify bugs and glitches before the different versions are released.

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