December 11, 2023

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Perez: Rehabilitation of Neck Pain After Fielding in Canada – F1 Pilot – Formula 1

Perez: Rehabilitation of Neck Pain After Fielding in Canada – F1 Pilot – Formula 1

That Sergio Perez It didn’t seem like such a big accident, but the Mexican driver said he had a severe contraction in his neck and was working on rehab for the next ten days of the upcoming Silverstone race in Great Britain.

During Bull Q2 qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver missed the braking point on Turn-3, intermittent tires on the wet track, ending against TecPro obstacles. Escape routes are practically non-existent everywhere in the Montreal circuit. Slowing down She is sensitive.

There was a severe contraction in my neck following the accident and I did not feel it immediately and I suffered a lotNow I am rehabilitating – Sergio Perez explained the newspaper interview Fox Sports I take 100% neck treatment at Silverstone ”. Retiring early after about ten laps in the race would not have been entirely counterproductive for Chekhov, who has already added 60 laps around his neck, though there are not many lateral jigs due to the lack of fast corners on the Montreal track. , But continuous braking and acceleration on one of the ‘Stop & Go’ tracks is the highlight of the calendar.

The change is to betray Perez: This is the last match of this change – Perez explained – It was already in range and unfortunately it broke. “. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Red Bull RB18’s drivetrain and Perez’s neckline certainly did not help. “It’s important to solve these problems, which always present themselves differently. Every reliability problem is different now than before, so we must continue to work, because credibility determines the championship and every zero pays more.”Mexican finished.

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