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“After the success of Perino the phone stopped ringing” –

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from Ariana Askion

The actor, one of the protagonists of the sensational Italian comedy season of the 1970s, spoke for himself on Serena Burton’s show: I changed my car every three months.

First the huge success associated with Perino’s films, then the phone suddenly stopped ringing. a guest Serena Burtoni Today is another day With his wife, actress Stefania Corona Alvaro Vitale He narrated his artistic parable: In my life – he explained – I was really Perino, when I was a child in the neighborhood where I was born, in Trastevere, I did a lot of mischief. My mother would take me to a boarding school, I would go in through the main door and out through the back door, and she would go fetch grapes in clothes and I was selling them. I used the slinger to have fun breaking glass. When I was eight I packed up and went to live at my grandmother’s house because I couldn’t stand my mother’s control anymore. I was supposed to stay a month and instead I stayed for up to 34 years.

Discovered by Federico Fellini Vitaly, now 72, was chosen in 1969 for a small role in the Fellini Satyricon: she made 150 films, worked with directors such as Fellini, Dino Rosi, Polanski and Monicelli. At first I was an electrician, then one of the productions of Dino Rizzi called me and I was supposed to make a movie, “Hit and Run,” where I had to play a journalist. From there my life changed, they gave me 500,000 lira, and that’s when I decided to make films. Once I was in Cinecitt for the audition, they let me in with another actor and I saw a white scarf, hat, and a big light. It was Federico Fellini. He asked which of his men knew what a blackbird looked like and began to whistle. Then he interrupted me: “Take him that the other is still waiting for the blackbird.” Since then our cooperation began.

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With the director of Rimini I will also work on I clowns (1971), Rome (1972), and Amarcord (1973).But in the 70s, the actor will know success thanks to him Italian Comedy and Thrilling Movies from the Perino Epic, the protagonist of many jokes: I made 4 films with Perino, and then several erotic comedies. About 5 films a year, but I did not get rich. Distribution and production they pay me monthly and that way you don’t earn much. I bought my house, then some cars which are my passion, I changed them every three months.

Then, with the end of the thrilling comedy season, the oblivion set in: I felt left out of the cinema, I didn’t want to hear and see anyone anymore. Vitaly, who revealed that he had fallen into the abyss of depression, recovered with the help of Stefania: We are excellent colleagues – said Corona – and as wife and husband we are like all spouses who quarrel and make peace. Together for 24 years, we have been married for 15 years. When we met Alvaro he was going through a period of depression. He made a movie about Perino that was never shown and saw it as the end of his career. He was cheerful and generous in public, but changed at home and was sad, not wanting to do anything else. I pushed him to get up, also because of the many experiences he had behind him, because of his genius, so we started working together. Shocked, our customers called us, and forced him to commit again.

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