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It is the smallest volcano in the world and it is located in Italy where you can visit

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It is considered the smallest volcano in the world, and it is located in Italy, specifically in the municipality of Tredozio, in Romania.

Monte Busca website (Wikipedia) –

It is located in Italy, exactly in Romania, at Municipality of Tredosiowhat is considered The smallest volcano in the world. It is located at an altitude of 740 meters above Monte Buscabetween the upper Val Montone and the upper Val Tramazo.

In fact, it is not a file A real volcanomore than one A fiery fountain of methanethat have been active for centuries. Soil releases seepage of these hydrocarbons, which is a widespread phenomenon in Romania. In this particular case, methane gas is exploding at Monte Busca.

A strange phenomenon, a volcano-like fire fountain, the smallest in the world

Monte Busca volcano
Small Monte Busca volcano (Wikipedia) –

Even references to this fountain go back In the middle of the XVI centuryWhen the people of the area thought that the fire came from bowels of hell. About a century ago, a company began exploiting methane.

after exploit Methane Hydrocarbon Company, the industry was abandoned. On the other hand, gas began to seep out from another part, creating a new fracture in the ground. After World War II, other companies studied the area to turn a profit.

Monte Busca, Italy
Panorama of Monte Busca (Wikipedia) –

Over the years, there have been many petroleum industries interested in it exploitation of the areaBut without convincing results. Thus, the deposit has now been abandoned as it is considered to be of “non-economic importance”. However, the structures and installations used at the site are still visible.

In short, on this little volcano There is no lavabut Constantly burning flame. The site can be easily visited, park the car in front Cà Forte abandoned farm Continue on foot, following the path that crosses the right of the farmhouse.

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You get to the source of the fire quickly, a few tens of meters and walk 5 minutes at most. From this hill you can admire the college surrounding landscape From the hills of Romania. In this area there are owners who, from time to time, go to the hills and clean them well. In fact, besides this mouth of fire, there is not much to see, but it is still a very interesting phenomenon.

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