October 3, 2023

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La Sequoia in Legnano, today the minibus, tomorrow a space dedicated to the Barello family

La Sequoia in Legnano, today the minibus, tomorrow a space dedicated to the Barello family

party in RSD The Legnano Sequoia to deliver its long awaited minibus Designed for guests and their holidays. structure Don Gnocchi FoundationPresent with the general manager, Dr. Francesco Confetti, he lived the afternoon he had dreamed of for some time, fueled by the constant affection for the association he held together la sequoia friends, Promoters of the initiative in which other supporters participated, until we finally get to buy the car.

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Minibus to Sequoia di Lignano 4 out of 7

He explained, “This latest project was called ‘Minibus for Special Children’.” Dr. Flavia Cochetti, President of the Amici de La Sequoia Association, with the support of Vice Pinuccia Fusari —because these young men are really special people, especially in the eyes of their relatives and operators, by also listening to the feelings of a sister who is also our advisor. We grow and grow but we always like to see them boyish and sometimes we stay with them, as in my case you go out the door and come back through the window.”

“You can never get away from them, can you, Dr. Ponzi? – Cochetty stops and smiles, meeting the doctor’s gaze, always so close to the institution – the boys remember her when she made them breakfast before attending to their health.”

“We set out on this mission, finding a lot of solidarity and many friends, some of them unknown. Together, we have reached the finish line »and his conclusion refers above all to the cooperation of the Municipality of Lignano, which he representsCouncilwoman Ilaria Maffeito which an appeal was directed to be delivered to him Mayor Lorenzo Root.

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«We – explained to Dr. Kochti – a continuation of the work done by Dr. Flavio Barello and his wife Professor Salerio, pioneers of services that are still in perfect working order today. That is why we take the liberty of asking that one corner of this garden be dedicated to the Parillo family».